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Thread: Advice on live streaming needed!

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    Wink Advice on live streaming needed!

    Hello fiends,

    I'm an Afghan student in Denmark who loves sports. I've been running various sites on cricket and would like to create a sports magazine, which covers all sports inside my country and top news from the rest of the world.

    I've several times tried to stream cricket matches through webcams from grounds in the UAE and Netherlands without any big succes.

    I was trying to educate myself on online streaming when I came across this forum.

    This March my country will be playing T20 World Cup Qualifiers in the UAE. I hope I'll be able to web-cast it and maybe if I'm lucky, sell the rights to 1 or 2 channels back home. Therefore I need multibit streams one for my website visitors(pay per view for some countries on 350 or 500kbs, what's best?) and the other one for the TV Channel/s (probably around 800kbs), this one should be closed with password and only 1/2 IP address should have access to it.

    However, I've no clue on how it should be done best way possible with as small costs as possible. I know I'll have to hire at least 3-4 cameramen, I need a good server( don't know whether to select a paid one or one of the free ones), but the rest is an unknown chapter

    I was wondering if someone could help me out a little bit. I would like to archive a similar result as this stream bellow. maybe a little better.

    BTW. A T20 cricket match takes around 160min maximum... We'll play 7 group stage games, if we finish in top two, we'll play minimum 1 game and maximum 3 games.

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    I recommend hiring someone for this part too. You can get a list of independent consultants by sending request to

    Otherwise, the Quickstart, Tutorials, examples and other articles are here:

    Using EC2 instances is one way to deliver short events. There is a section on that, and EC2 docs in the documentation folder.


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