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Thread: Setting up Load Testing Tool - newb question

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    Default Setting up Load Testing Tool - newb question

    Hello Folks,

    Absolute newbie here.

    I am trying to set up the Load Testing Tool
    Server side seems to set up ok but on the client side, I am not sure what this refers to:

    d. connectionString: the name of the [application]/[application-instance] to connect to. On each client machine you must create a folder in the “application” folder for the [application] that you define here. So if your connectionString is “fastplay/fastplay” then you must create a folder name “fastplay” in your “applications” folder.

    I am assuming the applications is WowzaMediaServer-2.2.4 but what is the instance?

    Application.xml on the server has a variable ${com.wowza.wm.context.ApplicationInstance} but I have no idea what its value is or how to obtain it.

    Any help gratefully received.


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    This refers to a Wowza application that you set up to test streaming with. Take a look at the Quickstart Guide:


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