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Thread: time watching video - vod app

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    Default time watching video - vod app

    I'm doing a module on the server side

    and I want that when the user clicks stop or pause the player I can know the time in seconds he watched the video

    I am using this method, but the counter shows the total time of session and not only saw how much the user

    public void onStop(IMediaStream stream)
    Long outBytes = stream.getClient().getTotalIOPerformanceCounter().getMessagesOutBytes();
    double outSeconds = stream.getElapsedTime().getTimeSeconds();
    getLogger().info("bytes: " + outBytes);
    getLogger().info("seconds: " + outSeconds);

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    Use onPauseRaw instead of onPause in that part of what you are doing.

    This data is server-side, and might not always exactly match client-side user experience, especially if you are looking for exacting results, because of network latency and client-side buffering.

    Logs are the best way to do accounting. Take a look at this technique:


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    I'm doing this server-side

    I understand that there may be differences in terms of latency

    but I would get just two things: time watching video and bytes

    I could not see in the logs, even after this new post, the time watching video in any column of the log


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    Look at x-duration in rows with x-event "destroy" and x-category "stream".


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