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Thread: Why Wowza3 does not play files from s3?

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    Default Why Wowza3 does not play files from s3?

    I've already asked few questions about wowza support for http streaming. Today, I tried to play movies from s3 on iPhone using 'Wowza Server 3.0.0 for Amazon EC2' and failed. Please tell me what I did wrong?

    My actions:
    1. Take a file that I've already played locally on iPhone and put it to s3 bucket.
    2. Clone vods3 configuration and application folders ( I called it 'alls3' ) .
    3. Turn log level to DEBUG.
    4. Restart wowza
    5. Open link 'http://ec2-<server_ip>' on iPhone3 running iOS 3.1.3
    6. Now I see 'This movie could not be played' popup
    7. In wowza log file I see that wowza found s3 file, printed its metadata and stopped on the following mesage: 'MediaReaderH264Cupertino.indexFile[alls3/_definst_/amazons3/anyclipmovies/WQK0.mp4][avc1.77.21]: H.264 (Video may not be playable on older iPhone and iPod touch devices where Baseline/Level 3.0 or lower is required) Video info: {MediaCodecInfoVideo: codec:H264, profile:Main, level:2.1, frameSize:640x272, displaySize:640x272, frameRate:25.000000}'
    8. Next messages are already stream destroy and disconnect cupertino.

    Please explain why wowza does not coninue streaming?

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    Profile needs to be Baseline 3.0 not main
    I know that you are using Wowza 3 but you should at least consider upgrading as there are fixes for iOS streaming in 3.0.3 that you haven't got.


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    Upgrading to Wowza 3.0.3 solved the problem. Thanks. I have another problem now, but I'll open new thread for it.

    P.S. Profile is not relevant in this case, since I can play same movie on my iPhone.

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