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Thread: Address already in use

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    Unhappy Address already in use

    In short here is my setup, I have 50 incoming streams to wowza using udp. For example: udp://wowza-ip:42210, udp://wowza-ip:48810 (all incoming streams are pushed to wowza, all ports are in the 40,000 to 50,000 range)

    My customers are connecting to the streams with their Set-Top-Boxes using RTSP

    I am have all incoming streams in Startupstreams.xml and they start fine and everything plays with no issues..

    The problem I am having now is that a lot of times customers would complain that they flip through channels (or streams) and they get a black screen, they have to wait and change channel up and down until they get the channel to work.. after looking on error log, I found out that every time this happens I see the following error: already in use:

    I am assuming this is happening because the customer's router NAT asks Wowza to send the stream back on a certain port that is already being used by my incoming streams.. (I could be wrong)

    Just to be more specific, here is the complete error I see: RTPUDPTransport.bind[live/_definst_]: Address already in use:

    UPDATE: I tried to change ports for all of my 50 incoming RTP streams to in 800 range instead of 40,000 range and the same thing happened again..
    RTPUDPTransport.bind[live/_definst_]: Address already in use:

    Please Help !
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    Hi Mike,

    Not exactly sure why the problem is intermittent, but I have some suggestions.

    Can you describe your encoding in more detail? What device or software are you using? Are you generating an .sdp file? Using RTP in this tutorial doesn't require using the StreamManager: So, I'm wondering if you really need to use Startupstreams.xml.

    Some tips here:

    Also see here: Instructions for how to configure an application properly for streaming RTSP/RTP out.

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