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Thread: How can i make IShareObject to read-only from client?

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    Smile How can i make IShareObject to read-only from client?

    i'm try to make the chat application with wowza media server.
    that i used"myfunction",text1.text); to send a text to "myfunction()" and add some text before broadcast to client, yes it no problem.
    until client use the command SO.send("Flexcallback","hack"); or SO.setProperty("msg","hack"); message away broadcast.
    how can i make my SO to read-only for all client?

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    You cant make a shared object read only, However, you can make the shared object be only accessible through a module, and the module then checks permissions to see if you are allowed to update the shared object.

    If you do have permission then you will be able to update it with text chat for example, if not text chat will be denied.

    You will have to write this custom module or have it created for you.
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