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Thread: Video Plackback Stop after few seconds

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    Default Video Plackback Stop after few seconds

    Good afternoon

    Im running wowza 3.0

    Settinup corectly my live application Im able to stream live simple video cam

    Player looks ok , and Im able to see video streaming using jwplayer.

    Using adobe media encoder to stream simple video cam , I use 256kbps value

    My network connection is ok, my upload is higher than 600kbps

    Problem is : after few seconds, player ( video ) stops

    I have to reasume video player or refresh video player page.

    So, Exist a particular configuration at wowza in order than video streaming plays normally



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    Are you saying that FMLE on the local network works, but when publishing to a remote host there is data loss? It sounds like a bandwidth issue to me. You can check your bandwidth with the BWCheck example mentioned in the UserGuide.

    Basic FMLE settings are H.264 video, Keyframe interval of 2 seconds, 15FPS, AAC audio, 21k, 64kbps, mono.

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    Thanks for your reply

    I was using wowza 1.7.2 without any problem

    Thanks means that I was sending live video to wowza without problems , video playback works perfect using jwplayer

    Now at streamer side all is the same

    Difference is wowza Im using now

    Btw, Im using same server, just upgraded wowza version

    So, I was thinking if at wowza 3 exist a particular or special configuration for live video streaming

    Like I said: Im using same player, and streamer enviroment is exactly the same as when I was using wowza 1.7.2

    Btw, for me is not important to see video with delay
    That means that it would be better to have delay but no video breaks, like Video streamer is suffering now


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