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Thread: Wowza server on Windows XP

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    Default Wowza server on Windows XP

    Does the wowza server work good on Windows XP 64bit

    Is there any limitation of ports or resources on windows XP 64bit as compare to Windows 2003 server

    I am using a dual-core Xeon with 4GB ram.

    Please advise.

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    Yes, it works well. No significant difference I can think of.

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    Is this ok for the production server also ?

    I had seen then XP have TCP connection limit. Does it effect the performance or i have to tweak it to work correctly.

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    As far as production is concerned it would be a better choice to use an up to date OS.
    Windows XP and Windows 2003 are on the old side and if you are having to change the OS anyway,
    it might as well be one that's up to date and will have updates in the years to come.


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