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Thread: Smooth and HLS WowzaSession expiration

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    Default Smooth and HLS WowzaSession expiration


    I'd like to know the exact duration of a WowzaSession after a client pause. Some of my users reports me that they were unable to restore a streaming after a "short" pause.
    Is it possible to extend this duration (and if yes, what is the parameter to edit) ?
    Is it the same value of the application timeout ?
    Is it possible to have an infinite value for a session ?
    Do I have to implement some kind of keep-alive on the player side (probably with some server side provider) ?

    Thank you in advance for your answers ...

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    Its possible (but not recommended) to have a infinite timeout but it means when a client disconnects, the server still thinks the client is connected forever (until server shut-down).

    What is the time-out currently set to?

    If you think that the longest pause should be 3mins then set this to 180000
    I'm not sure where the timeout is for HLS iv not looked yet but if its the same as RTMP then its recorded in (ms) 1000ms = 1 second (180 seconds in 3 mins)


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    This is strange. Resuming should be possible even after client session is destroyed. In this case, when after pause client request next segment ( providing his own session id ) the session will be recreated and streaming will work normally. The only cases when I have seen it fail is when application instance got unloaded due to timeout, or when I forced the same session id and tried to stream two different resources. In this case clients gets error 403. Maybe you actually have a problem with application timeout?

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    What version of Wowza are you using? This might have been fixed in recent patches. Try 3.0.4


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