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Thread: Silverlight error 3050

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    Default Silverlight error 3050

    We have configuration for 24/7 live stream:
    Encoder ---> Mpeg-ts (mpeg2 + audio) --- > Origin server (Live transcoding to h264 + aac, Two qualities) ---> Edge server ---> SilverLight player (testing player from wowza examples).
    I’m playing sinle stream (…stream_576p/manifest). Using transcoding template “transcode.xml”.

    We have this problem: SilverLight player throws every 5 minutes (2 – 10 minutes) error „MediaError: 3050 reached the end of known chunk list“ (or something similar with error 3050). It does the same when I connect to origing and the edge server. If I use Flash player, everything works fine.

    From observation: there is rising delay between Player and stream from wowza (compared against flash player). When the gap is bigger than 30 sec, the exception appears. The delay comes up randomly – there are small lags... Sometimes there is the exception after shorter time difference.
    When I open accesslog or error log there are no messages since start of playback of the stream.

    When I ping from Encoder to orign or from origin to edge. I have stable delay 1ms (biggest delay is 5ms).
    It seems to me that when I test two independat streams (two application) on one server, they ussually stops at the same time in the player.

    I have tried few with no solution:
    Setup keyframe interval on 2 seconds in transcode.xml.
    (I have tried proposed values and even three-times larger buffer. But with no change. Stream ends after similar time as before)

    I don’t want to increase buffer in wowza or SilverLight player, because 60 seconds delay is the limit for the customer.
    Auto restart stream in the player when the error occures is not the solution too, because user would lose video in the video buffer.

    Second question is there way to monitor, that transcoding works fine? Sometimes there are some probles wit transcoding – video plays jerky something like 5 FPS, insted of 25 FPS. After restart it is OK.

    What else can I try?

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    It might be just bandwidth/bitrate issue. Have you tried lower bitrate? Have you tested locally only?


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    thank you for your reply.
    There is same behaviour when I stream to wowza encoding server from "playout system" connected via 1Gbps line. And when I stream to wowza from VLC, which runs directly on wowza server.

    I have tried to playback the stream using example Silverlight player both locally on wowza server and via internet. The stream got stuck at the same time.

    Is there something what I can setup on wowza to cooperate better with SL player?
    Or is there something what has to be setup in the Silverlight player?


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    What player are you using?

    Wowza has Silverlight examples in the LiveVideoStreaming and SimpleVideoStreaming examples. And there is this player:

    Do you have Smooth Manifest URL I can test? Post it here, or send to, and include a link to this thread for reference


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    Default Problem solved

    Solved !!!

    Finally I found out the reason why there was „MediaError: 3050 reached the end of known chunk list“ in SilverLight player.
    It was because of “automatic adjusting of system time”. When you change system time (slightly – few seconds, or one minute) on windows server, Wowza streaming interupts the SilverLight stream. Probably flush its buffer with chunks and starts over.
    We used “net time” monitor tool, which did that adjustments every 5 – 20 minutes.

    Wowza log: nothing! (on normal logging level)
    In the Windows Eventlog, there were events:
    Source: Kernel-General
    Message: The system time has changed to ‎2012‎-‎01‎-‎31T12:41:50.230000000Z from ‎2012‎-‎01‎-‎31T12:41:50.225329500Z.

    Disable changing system time 
    Switch off / Reconfigure services:
    - “Net time” monitoring tool
    - “Windows time”

    With disabled services above, video in Silverlight runs fluent for few hours…

    I hope it will help.

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    Thanks for reporting back the solution. That was a weird one.

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