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Thread: Live Streaming not working on iPhone

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    Default Live Streaming not working on iPhone

    Hello All,

    I am new to setup wowza server. I am not able to find any solution. Sometime live video dispayed on iOS 4.0 and iOS5.0 and sometime nothing displayed. Only black screen displayed.
    I am using wowza Server 3.0.3 and installed the latest patch also.
    Wowza server gets live stream from Flash Media Encoder. I have tried with many combination on the Flash Media Encoder setting. Following setting I have used also:
    Format: H.264
    FrameRate : 10
    Bit Rate : 200
    Profile : Baseline
    Level : 3.0
    KeyFrame frequency: 2 seconds.

    I am not using Audio, only live video.
    I have followed the following tutorial to setup the wowza server:
    and I have not changed anything else on wowza server.

    Then why video sometimes work and other time not on iphone. I ahve checked the log, and it doesn't show any error log in error log file. When I try to open the url on the default iPhone browser, the wowza server console shows that it gets hit, and I can see Create log, but after 25-30 seconds, it prints stream destroed log.
    But it always works on live.html, which is provided in the examples of wowza server.

    Can anybody please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Manoj Kumar

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    Zip up conf and logs folders and send them to

    Is your Wowza server on a pubic IP? Include a playback URL to test.

    Include a link to this thread for reference


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    Thanks Richard for quick reply.
    I have sent email to

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