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Thread: Deliver only a certain part of a VOD and advertisments

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    Default Deliver only a certain part of a VOD and advertisments

    I am looking for a way to play certain parts (clips) of a video.

    Let's say I have my video file: test.mp4 with a duration of 60 min and I want to only play only a part from 00:05:00 - 00:10:00 (h:m:s). Further I need Wowza to deliver only that part (it should not be a player-based solution).

    Is it possible?

    And secondly, can I integrate ads into my video? Let's say test.mp4 from above, and a one minute commercial at 00:10:00 (h:m:s).


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    In Flash, you do this to play starting from 5 seconds from the start for a duration of 50 seconds:"mp4:sample.mp4", 5, 50)
    For HTTP streaming (Cupertino, Smooth and Sanjose) use this:

    There is not a way for RTSP streams


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