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Thread: tests and mocks for wowza

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    Question tests and mocks for wowza


    I have not been able to find any information on this topic anywhere so I thought I would post here for some help and/or references.

    Surely there must be some automated way of testing wowza (extensively) and anything one develops to extend it. I'm not referring to performance or load testing tools, but something with more module granularity (e.g. unittests complete with mocks, etc.)

    Is there any place to find this as it does not seem to be bundles with any of the downloads on the site nor developed by any 3rd party.

    Perhaps WMS could provide some insight into their testing/QA methodologies so that we may leverage this in developing more robust applications?

    Thank you.

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    We do not have any automated test tools. You might be able to create automated testing using a tool such as rtmpdump. We have customers that have done this.


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