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Thread: Choppy video on wi-fi, better on 3g

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    Default Choppy video on wi-fi, better on 3g


    I had an interesting situation with sample vod video provided by wowza. I made many test with my samsung galaxy tablet. Wi-fi performance is worst than 3g. On 3g, video is very clear but on wi-fi, i encountered pixelation. My wi-fi connection is faster than 3g and i had no problems on other types video sources(youtube...) .Do you have any idea?

    Thx in advance
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    On the 3g side your bandwidth is lower and when you try to watch a stream selects the lower bitrate video due to the connection you have,
    and so this plays nice and smooth on the samsung galaxy tablet.

    If the connection speed is high and the bandwidth is much greater (Wi-fi) then the selection of video may be a high bitrate one,
    the choppy video may be the samsung galaxy tablet trying to decode the video and can't do it fast enough to give you a smooth playback experience.

    Youtube video's are generally not high quality video (some exceptions may apply) but this makes them easy to decode by the samsung galaxy tablet.
    which would explain the video working smoothly when watching youtube clips.


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