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    I'm working on a project and assessing the feasibility of using Wowza Media Server as part of it. The situation is that security is particularly important for my application. So I need a way to validate that a given user is only able to access videos that are tied to their account. The application itself is PHP-driven. People are logged in and then once logged in, they should only be able to stream files that their account has access to. And it has to work regardless of how they're requesting the stream (ie web browser on computer, iphone, android, etc). So it has to be device-agnostic.

    Is this possible with Wowza? And if so, how can it be done?


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    This can be done with Wowza and you would need to use the following tutorial as a base,

    but also add in a method for Wowza to query your website to authenticate the request.

    As an example you could use


    Using the above tutorial this can be intercepted, so you could using an additional method make a HTTP request to check 12345678 ( as a valid user in this case) so allow to continue, so stream, or not.

    The above tutorial triggers on all the streaming types, and there are of course other ways to do what you want, but hopefully a pointer for you.


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