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Thread: Noob guide to Wowza

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    Question Noob guide to Wowza


    I am looking to setup a Wowza media server on a Linux CentOS server to stream movies for a new website.

    I am not really concerned about the video player portion as much as how to administer the media server content.

    I've browsed around here and there and concluded there is no Web based GUI to manage your videos ?

    Even in reading through the user guide, it's hard to tell how to upload and manage the video library ?

    Are ther video tutorials for media server noobs like me ?


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    Hi Danny,

    Take a look at the Article List:

    There are some Video Tutorials in the Tutorials section to get you started viewing a stream. Be sure to look through the Quick Start guide and the User Guide.

    As far as administration, you configure new applications through the command line, and you would upload videos using FTP or similar. If there's something specific you want to do, mention it, and maybe someone will chime in that has already made the tool you need.

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    If you are still looking for a web based GUI we have one here in the Showcase,


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