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Thread: Can I accomplish this using Wowza Transcoder - Transcode from Satellite DVB-S input

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    Default Can I accomplish this using Wowza Transcoder - Transcode from Satellite DVB-S input


    I am trying to take a satellite input (using DVB-S input card, which I believe will be in MPEG-2 TS format) and transcode to H.264, and then publish out to multiple formats using Wowza.

    Can someone please give me a run down of what I'll need to do to make this happen? I'm been trying to research this but haven't found a lot of "How To's" or instructions.

    Also if using the Wowza Transcoder Add-On I want the best possible performance - would that mean I should use Windows so I can take advantage of the Intel/Nvidia hardware acceleration?

    Approximately how many standard definition streams can I simultaneously transcode on the same machine (or how many streams per CPU)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Take a look at the live tutorials here:

    If you are using FMLE or Wirecast and pushing RTMP stream, follow this one:

    Configuration and playback for each supported client type is covered in these tutorials.

    Yes, Windows is best for the Wowza Transcoder. Start here:


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