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Thread: Support for Minicaster

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    Question Support for Minicaster


    Do you know if Wowza Server accepts live stream from Minicaster ?

    There is the technical data of Minicaster :

    I was told that the outgoing stream use ITP protocol and i cannot see any support for this protocol in Wowza documentation.

    Best regards.

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    Actually no as far as I'm aware Wowza doesn't support ITP.


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    Streaming settings can easily be changed via remote access and are also editable directly on the device itself. miniCASTER® works very efficiently and is highly recommended for use with Wowza Media Server®, the unified any-screen delivery platform from Wowza Media Systems®.

    Michael Westphal, CEO miniCASTER®: "Our Team has put some extra effort in new features and product versions which will perfectly fit in different broadcast scenarios and help producers/broadcasters to save money and stream live in extraordinary quality within seconds."

    „We are very exited to see products that make it easier and more cost-effective for users to stream their content,“ commented Alex Dobrushin, CMO, Wowza Media Systems. “miniCASTER® is exactly that..

    Stream Output: MPEG2-Transportstream (ISO/IEC 13818-1) encapsulated in RTP (RFC 3550) including Audio (AAC) and video (H.264)

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    This is most likely the applicable procedure...

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    The miniCaster specifications state that the encoder supports the following Stream Output: "MPEG2-Transportstream (ISO/IEC 13818-1) encapsulated in RTP (RFC 3550) including Audio (AAC) and video (H.264)." Our QA have successfully configured and tested a live stream from a miniCaster encoder with Wowza Media Server. For a tutorial on configuring and testing miniCaster with Wowza Media Server, please see the following:


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    Yes, it works. Thank you.

    I had some headaches as i cannot see the stream published in Wowza while playing well in VLC on the same computer when i realized that i had to start the stream from the Stream Manager first ! I found the information in the other tutorial on setting up RTP encoders with Wowza.
    It would be nice to mention it in the new tutorial you wrote.

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