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Thread: So sick and tired of your licensing

  1. Post WOWZA licensing

    I've purchased wowza license and im using it. It was working fine until all of a sudden wowza crashed.
    We're flooded with phone calls from customers that the service is down. When we try to start wowza, it does not start saying license key is invalid.

    What is the point with your forums when you're not available for immediate support?

    Your toll free numbers have no purpose other than sales? No one is available to answer the call during a crisis!

    Please help me.this is urgent. Its a shame that we're facing such issues despite trusting on wowza!

    We're desperately in need of a solution for this and we dont want this to happen ever again

    EDIT: It works now.Somehow there was a different license key on the server. Now it works. Please provide a toll free support number...its ok even if paid support. We need immediate support during an emergency. I would also appreciate an e-mail alert if there is a problem with the licensing
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    It sounds like you either had changed keys and not updated the server, or not paid for the key that was on the server.

    Support is always available via support <at> wowza <dot> com 24 hours.


  3. Lightbulb

    Apparently there was a different license key on the server.I dont know how it got there.
    But it would be nice if there is phone support available.Email support is not instant.If my wowza goes down i cant send an email and would be an emergency.

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    Subscription accounts do get email alerts if/when there are any issues with the account. Those alerts are sent to the billing email address on record for the account. Since the "different license key" was not on your account, there was no way to generate an alert or provide support.

    We will also follow up with you by direct email tomorrow.


    Dave S
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