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Thread: How to handle a "File not found" - Error in Playlist, while repeating is on

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    Default How to handle a "File not found" - Error in Playlist, while repeating is on


    I have a playlist created with the Stream class as described here:

    ..more than that, I read the playlist from external SMIL file etc....

    I want to handle Errors when a PlaylistItem (Mp4-File) is not found. But I set the Playlist to repeat.
    <stream name="Stream_100"/>
    <playlist name="Stream_100_Trailer" playOnStream="Stream_100" repeat="true">
    <video length="-1" src="mp4:WRONGFILENAME_NOTINCONTENTFOLDER.mp4" start="0"/>

    When I open the playlist, it tries to play the video item, but gets a File not found exception. Due to the repeat Attribute is set to "true", the Wowza Server runs in a loop, saying "File not Found".

    How can I check if items are playable before I start the playlist?

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    You can use Java file API to see if it exists. You could do it in the IStreamActionNotify onPlaylistItemStart event handler. Take a look at the scheduler for an example of IStreamActionNotify:


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