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Thread: Big MB stream on 720p cam.

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    Default Big MB stream on 720p cam.

    Hello there,
    i have a Hikvison PTZ cam running on a 50/5 connection (50mb down/5mb up. now for it to have a perfect image it needs to be set as bitrate to 4000, with full framerate..
    the wowza server (runs on a 100/100) gets a constant 4Mb from this camera, is this normale ?

    its a 720p H264 camera that constantly rotates and constantly uploads a 4MB stream to the wowza server, i was wondering if thats normale behavior for a 720p camera ..

    bitrate is set to 4000
    framerate to 25
    live stream rtsp to JWplayer through Wowza server.

    if this is set lower then the pictures don't come smooth anymore...

    thnx !!

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    Maybe I don't understand, but it sounds right: if you have the camera bitrate set to 4000kbs, and Wowza is receiving 4mbs stream, that matches.


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    Uhu thats correct, but i was wondering is thats a normale setting for a 720p camera that constantly rotates the whole day long. If i set the birate lower the camera starts to hackle and is no longer smooth.

    I was just wondering if all the 720p camera's need a 4000kbs for a smooth constant rotating image. Or are there 720P camera's that use less bandwith for a perfect image ?
    Or are there ptz domes that are very sharp with lesser bandwith use ?

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    I don't know the answer. I would think you could get a decent panning image with much less, but I don't have experience with PTZ cams. I have a starter Axis model m-1011w, no ptz, but I get decent picture with moving images at less than 1mbs. I suppose, though, that where the whole field is moving, that is a challenge to encode.

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    Is there not a way to automaticly start and stop an rtsp stream ? I mean have the camera stream from 8;00 till 22;00 or something ?

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    Here's one way to start/stop MediaCaster streams:

    You could set that up in a cronjob.

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