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Thread: Increase LIVE stream delay

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    Default Increase LIVE stream delay

    For clients to receive a smooth continues streaming we want to make a server-side (buffer) delay to RTSP streaming out.

    Furthermore, if in case encoder is disconnected the client should not be informed and they should try to connect the stream as usual instead of disconnection.

    Please advise what to tweak.


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    Not sure what you mean by this. Please explain in much more detail. We do hold 8 seconds worth of video server-side in a buffer but I am not sure specifically what you are asking for here related to RTSP.


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    Hello Charlie,
    We want to add a delay of more then 8 seconds.

    - Some streams we want 1 minute of hold
    - Some streams we want a very low-latency (as low as 1 second)
    - Some streams we want a hold of 1 hour

    Where i can set those values.


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    The only one which is possible with a default Wowza install is the middle one.

    For low latency streaming. See here

    for the others custom modules would be required, fairly simple but time required to build.


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    Can anyone help me with the development of 1st and 3rd option


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    You could try and set up a system that records the live stream and plays it in a loop that appears to be live.
    This content will be Vod and can be 1hour behind the live stream and if each segment is 1hour long and put in a playlist this should sort the 1hour delay.

    The 1 minute delay can be done by the nDVR addon that can be found here,

    You can ask for the independent consulting list my email,


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