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Thread: Limiting Number of Viewers per Stream

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    Default Limiting Number of Viewers per Stream

    As stated in the instruction, I have added the module


    in the Modules list of the Application.xml and added the property


    under Properties.

    As part of the testing, I only set it to a maximum of 3 viewers. And to test if it's working, I opened Wowza's sample LiveVideoStreaming player using four (4) different browers (IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera). I was able to watch the stream thru the first three (3) browsers while the fourth says 'ModuleLimitViewers: Over viewer limit[3]'! Ok, that's great! That means the test was successful.

    But wait! When I tried to watch the same stream using a Blackberry phone and VLC player, I was able to see the stream as well. And that means, there are five (5) simultaneous viewers.

    Now my question is, are there separate modules to limit the viewers that use Flash players (RTMP), Android/Blackberry/Quicktime/VLC players (RTSP/RTP), Apple devices (HLS)?




    I'm still using WMS 2. This should have been posted under WMS 2 Forum.
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    I don't know of a premade version, but it would be pretty easy to add that functionality. Look how the ModuleLimitStreamViewers module overrides the play() method. Then look at this module which adds support for HTTP and RTSP streams:

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    I know of a pre-made version that is ready for use.

    The pre-made version can be found here,


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