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Thread: Ingest point optimization for publisher on multi-instance EC2 setup

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    Default Ingest point optimization for publisher on multi-instance EC2 setup

    I have a client that wants to publish a 1 Mbps live stream from a location in the Pacific Northwest, to a max of 10,000 simultaneous connections. I was thinking of trying out one or two loadbalanced 4xlrg instance(s) in AWS Eastern region to handle the subscriber load.

    I'm wondering if it would be optimal to have an WMS EC2 small instance running in the new Oregon region as the ingest point for the publishing live stream and then have that instance push the stream to 4xlrg instance in the Eastern region. My thinking is that the AWS backbone is better suitable to getting the 1Mbps stream over to the Eastern region faster than the publisher going through more hops to go to the Eastern server directly. Is this just nonsense on my part?

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    I don't know. I will ask around, see if anyone else has insight.


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    Ultimately, it doesn't have much to do with geographical proximity to the datacenter as it does network proximity. Best way to measure is to spin up an instance (a micro will do) in each zone and run a traceroute from the client site. If the hop count is close, it probably doesn't matter. If one has a significantly lower hop count, then you're better off using that one. (also factor in how many hops from zone to zone - if the total is close, the added latency of the ingest server probably negates any benefit of using it.

    A quick test here shows 17 hops to my Micro in west-2 (13 to get to Amazon's edge in San Jose), and 17 to get to my server in east-1 (14 to get to Amazon's edge in Washington DC) - but between those servers within amazon, 21 hops. Of course, your mileage may vary.


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