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Thread: nDVR "timeshift" stop working

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    Default nDVR "timeshift" stop working


    I've tryed to use this nDVR addon and recorded content for 8 days. Today url to my content like

    has stopped worked. But if I try to request specific part of content by playlist request API I can get it.

    So urls to my content like

    works well.

    In logs wowza only tryies to create stream without publishing it.

    What can I do?

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    First, I think you need to consider a different manner of managing large recordings-- an 8 day recording is not very scalable as the playlist/manifest sent to the player will end up being in the 100's of Kb or even megabytes. Its also not fault tolerant. If one thing happens to your recording, you could lose it all. It also means that Wowzas needs to hold the every increasing manifest information in memory instead of loading and unloading manifest for smaller recordings as they are needed.

    A better way is to make individual recordings. You can write a custom module for this or use the example HTTP Provider found here: Wowza nDVR Recording API. You can also name each individual recording.

    Regarding your specific problem-- please send your zipped up conf/ and logs and send them to Explain in detail the player you are using, the URL the player uses, the encoder you are using, and any other pertinent details. Reference this thread.


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    I've tried your recording API.

    and I've got a question:

    At now in development I've got only one incoming stream channel and I can view it by this url:

    But if there are lot of channels how can I specify which channel to see? I mean I need to create an unique name for each timestamp of each channel? There is no quiet well... (40 channels * 31 day * multibitrate) = BIG. Which url I need to use to access to content which stores per day/per channel or something like this?

    And I've find another problem:
    I've tried to use playlist request API to set the time from which user can view content for example:

    So I don't use wowzadvrplaylistduration option and than I get position that I need + possibility of view live content. But when I've tried to seek to the oldest position (in quicktime player on iOS) that equals wowzadvrplayliststart and returns back I've observed that audio and video very asynchronious or video continues from old position but audio gets live position.
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    1. Yes, if you have different channels, I would name them with different names. I would come up with a scheme for them-- [name][date][bitrate]. Whatever makes sense for your situation.

    Maybe channel number or maybe a name:

    Regarding your playback issue on iOS, is that always reproducible?
    If you have stopped recording to that DVR store and play it back with the same URL, does it do it?
    Can you reproduce it in a reasonable sized dvr recording (not multi-day but something in the size of minutes to a couple hours?)
    If so, zip up your conf/ and logs/ folders from when you recorded and played back, as well as the associated [install]/dvr/app/appInst/streamName,[version] folder, which is the DVR recording.
    Also, let me know the URL you use to access the store, the player you are using, etc.
    Send this to and refer to this thread.
    We'll take a look.


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    1) It's not very good but it's usable and we should use it I think at least we can't sort our recordings in other ways.

    2) This problem reproduce only in multi days recordings. At now when I start record in different dirs this problem disappears so I think we can just don't worry about this. In any case I've send you confs and logs.

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