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Thread: EZDRM license scope

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    Exclamation EZDRM license scope

    Dear wowza team,

    I'm trying the ezdrm playready addon with wowza and it works great.

    I'm wondering something about the license scope.
    As I understand, the ifame added to pre authenticate the user is always calling the same url (with my ezdrm SiteID), does this means that if my user buy one video, he can potentially watch every video? (the license is for a site and not for a media)

    I've just done a simple test:
    1. call secure.html with iframe providing license + watching A.mp4 -> OK
    2. call unsecure.html (without iframe) + watching B.mp4 -> OK!!!

    It's a security problem for me, can I add a token based authentication (with a wowza custom module) in addition with the DRM module?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You can use SecureToken from the MediaSecurity Addon:


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    Thank you Richard,

    do you have any sylverlight implementation example?
    I already use securetoken with flash but no idea with sylverlight.


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    Only Flash RTMP client is supported with SecureToken. You can use this method for some access control of your Silverlight Smooth streams:


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