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Thread: Need some help with transcoder addon

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    Default Need some help with transcoder addon

    Hi. I am quite new to Wowza media streaming, but I have succesfully managed to stream from my videoencoder to JW Player on my webpage. Now I am trying to get your Transcoder addon to work, but that seems to be a bit more tricky. I have went through WowzaTranscoderAddOn_UsersGuide.pdf and i think I have done things right, but I can't get this thing to work. So I hope some of you could help me.

    Here is some info about my setup:
    My videoencoder is streaming h.264 with aac audio.
    I use an amazon ec2 instance with wowza lickey in combination with a Linux Wowza 64-bit image ami-4d003f39.
    I have also managed to log in via ssh using Putty. So via ssh I have enabled Transcoder in Application.xml, and also enabled new encodes in transrate.xml.

    Is it something more I need to do to get startet getting JW Player or Flash Media Player to play my different encodes?

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    Did you test with the default transrate.xml file before making any changes?

    Run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/ mode so you can see what is happening. When you start the stream in your encoder you should see a publish event, then much Transcoder related logging. Or you will see problems, ERROR and WARN lines.

    Test playback in LiveVideoStreaming (Wowza example player)

    Server: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/live
    Stream: myStream_360p


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    thanks, but can you please be a bit more newbe friendly I am using Wowza on an Amazon EC2 instance. How do I start stand-alone mode, and where do I find Wowza example player?

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    Be sure that you stop the Wowza service first, then start in stand-alone mode using [wowza-install-dir]/bin/startup.bat (on Linux and Mac it is

    The example player is here:



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    Hi richard,
    i'm testing the transcoder addon but it seems that with the default transrate.xml publish only the 360p this is a Developer limitation ?
    Thanks a lot


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    Change the enable property to "true":

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