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Thread: What does IdleWorkers in Vhosts.xml do?

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    Default What does IdleWorkers in Vhosts.xml do?

    I'm continuing to tweak our Wowza config to get the best performance we can. Got the Garbage Collector all squared away, but once in a while we still see a little blip or 2 frame pause in the video. That seems to correlate to a slew of 'sessionClosed' messages in the Wowza console.

    In trying to correct for this I tweaked the IdleWorkers section in the vhosts.xml config thinking maybe that had something to do with scanning the source or client every X often and saying 'are we good, or are you done now?' But I wasn't sure that was the case. I have updated it to the following:


    It appears as though this change is helping. I'm just wondering why (assuming it really is working). Is a check frequency of 100 checking every 100 ms, 100 seconds, or other? What is the MinimumWaitTime for? Basically, wondering exactly what this part of the config is doing for me so I can better understand how to fine tune Wowza.

    Is there a document that covers each of the options within VHosts.xml by chance?



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    This is from the configuration reference

    IdleWorkers/[WorkerCount, CheckFrequency]
    IdleWorkers/WorkerCount controls the number of threads being used to generate idle events. IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency is the time in milliseconds between checking to see if a client has been idle for Client/IdleFrequency. The IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency should be at least four times smaller than the Client/IdleFrequency. See the online General Tuning Guide for recommended values based on server resources.

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    AH The configuration reference!!! No idea how I missed that, but *exactly* what I was looking for. Thank you Richard!

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    You're welcome, Ben. Enjoy


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    But the configuration guide never told anything about the meaning of "MinimumWaitTime".


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