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Thread: Load Test Tool Reports Only 1 Client Behind At Bandwidth Limit

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    Default Load Test Tool Reports Only 1 Client Behind At Bandwidth Limit

    Once I hit the bandwidth limit on my (Gigabit) LAN, the console only reports currBehind:1. Even if I increase the number of workers to higher levels, it still reports 1 and occasionally 0 workers behind.

    What does this mean? Shouldn't more connections be behind on their buffering as the network begins to choke?

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    That info doesn't mean anything really. The Load Test tool is just for generating the load, doesn't provide useful info about the results. Look at JMX/JConsole to see what Wowza is doing during the test, and use your OS performance and network tools to look at server and network utilization.

    You can also connect to the server and playback the stream during the test to see what user experience is under load.


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    Ok, I'll just ignore the "currBehind" statistic then.


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