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Thread: Need some help live stream with repeaters

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    Default Need some help live stream with repeaters

    I have setup a wowza server on our dedicated box with a gb connection. We have a live ppv coming up in April and this will be our first time using our own system instead of a provider.

    I just got word that we will have a special guest at the event and that he has agreed to tweet/fb out that we will be doing the ppv and he is going to be on the stream. We are anticipating a lot of traffic from this as he has 1.2mil followers.

    My question is this, I stream at 700Kb/s if I were to get hit with 20k viewers, how can I setup a load balancing ahead of time via ec2 to where, I have my main server going and serving but feeding the ec2 servers the excess?

    As far as the ppv goes, I was going to setup a subscription page for this and have the player on that page then lock it down to the page with DRM and JW Player. Would this be sufficient?



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    You can configure your server with origin and edge applications (StreamType "liverepeater-origin" and "liverepeater-edge"), and configure that server to be a Load Balancer Listener, and Load Balance Sender.

    Then you can start Wowza EC2 instances that have a edge (liverepeater-edge) application and are configured as Load Balancer Senders that communicate with your LB Listener.

    Follow this guide to get familiar with Liverepeater:

    Here is the Wowza Load Balancer

    You could do a simple PPV system that handled payment and access to the player without involving Wowza. Something involving your application server between payment and forming the player html, and therefore not involving the run-time player, would probably be the simplest


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    How can I be sure I have enough back end to handle it all? Is there way to test the overall strength of the system?

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