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Thread: Transcoding not working after server hardware upgrade....

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    Default Transcoding not working after server hardware upgrade....

    We replaced the server hardware with a new beefy server to handle 15+ transcoding streams. With this installation we also setup java server as per the tutorials. I copied over all the config files to the new server. It sees the stream content files - but apparently either missed or changed something and the transscoder is not converting the available streams.

    Background Info:

    Camera Streams are MPEG4
    When I connect to a target camera using the URL in the stream file via VLC Media Player I get the expected stream.
    I copied the following directories / files:
    Everything in /Applications (I need to setup two application directories, Live1 & Live2)
    Everything in /conf/live1 & /conf/live2
    LiveStreamTranscoder is set to transcoder
    Live1 : Templates is set to ${SourceStreamName}.xml,transcode_sightlogix.xml
    Live2 : Templates is set to ${SourceStreamName}.xml,transcode_acti.xml
    Everything in /content
    e.g. = rtsp://
    Everything in /tramscoder
    both transcode_acti.xml and transcode_sightlogix.xml are in /transcoder/templates

    I had previously edited:

    In order to enable the java server option. This was the only difference between the olde and new server setup.

    When I start Wowza, the Stream Manager shows the stream(s) in the list, but I don't see the Name Group nor any transcoded stream listed. e.g. WebcamAPL49.stream_160.

    Ideas? BBQ Recipes?

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    If you haven't already, please email zipped conf/ logs/ and transcoder/ folders to
    along with a link reference to this thread and any other relevant information.

    - Daren

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    Looks like it was the Audio Codec setting in the transcoder.xml file. Something changed between minor versions - I'll find out the Wowza version on the replaced server tomorrow - but unless there is an audio stream or you don't have "disabled" as the Audio Codec - the Transcoder will not start.

    This is *new* behaviour and it cost me down time since last week Thursday.

    I was helped by this thread with the same issue:

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