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Thread: 40 live input problem and Wowza app crash

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    Default 40 live input problem and Wowza app crash

    We have purchased wowza to use for HLS. we have an input of 40 live channels thru UDP. all seems alright in terms of channels and configurations but playback is not alright as we encounter bad video output with some squares/pixels and bad quality as well to crashes in wowza.

    The strange issue that things start to seem alright sometimes then all of a sudden wowza starts to create these issues (we confirmed that it is wowza regarding playback issue as we have tested same setup with other streaming software)

    Channels are coming from an IP to IP hardware transcoders, multicast UDP (Video: H.264 Audio: AAC)

    1- Wowza is crashing and stops responding after one minute of operating, and the problem seems to be solved when we apply this fix:

    2- playing RTSP on VLC gives a result of video and audio are out of order, and then causes VLC to crash after 1 minute.

    3- during the day sometimes streams are OK and sometimes it crashes, on VLC and other players

    4- we have used CentoOS 5.6, 6 and Solaris 11, changed Java versions, and all gives same result

    Please advice on these issues.
    Kind regards

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    I see you joined in 2009. Which version of Wowza are you using? Be sure to update to the latest version:

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    Thank you. Yes we have upgraded to latest.

    We have followed the URL for performance tuning and actually increasing the memory helped to stabilize the situation with 50 channels.

    Now trying an origin edge setup with 200 channels udp input at 1Mbps each channel on the origin server with enough resources, wowza origin crashes sometimes, and mainly we encounter that streams plays and stops constantly, do you have a direct hint on this?

    We have tuned all by following wowza instructions at above link but still without luck.

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    Do you see a pattern of when it fails? Look in [install-dir]/wowzamediaserver_access.log for clues.

    You mentioned previously that the RTSP stream has problems with a/v out of order and playing in VLC crashes sometimes. This indicates there is an issue with the stream. If you have a/v sync issues, you really want to fix this in the encoder, upstream from Wowza. You can configure a RTP jitter buffer and packet loss logging. It will not fix the problem, but is a troubleshooting technique. You can also try the Advanced Stream Monitor which will monitor and reset unhealthy streams.


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    Thanks for the tools, it helped somehow but still issue exist.
    I tried to check when it fails but still no luck to find exactly what happens. I am still monitoring closely.

    But there is something interesting in the setup, when reducing the channels from 200 to around 70, seems it is somehow stable in terms of streams drops and crashing, so this leads to wowza limitations or resources limitations?

    The existing wowza license that we have is Perpetual, 1 instance, HW SUN 2XQuad core 2.66Mhz, 16GB Ram.

    Let me put it in another way as I have already tried to contact wowza billing for the same issue. the question can be:

    to receive around 200 or more channels incoming streams (Thru multicast UDP, H.264 AAC at around 1Mbps for each channels), and this server to serve as an origin server and relay these channels to an edge server, which wowza license would be appropriate to use? (in regards of needed threads, instances to handle this number of channels)
    and second questions, what is the best hardware specs that are needed for wowza to work smoothly for this setup?

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    Hello eafandi,

    Just to recap: Originally you were having problems with 40 incoming streams, then you used the steps Lisa suggested, and you are now able to stream 70 streams without issue?

    Were you able to see any clues in the logs or with the extra logging Lisa mentioned?

    To answer your questions:

    1. "which wowza license would be appropriate to use?"
    If you are not transcoding, any of the paid licenses will work, as they do not have a limit on the number of incoming streams.

    2. "what is the best hardware specs that are needed for wowza to work smoothly for this setup?"
    I personally have not tested 200 incoming streams but I know people run chat applications through Wowza with many thousands of users. I think your hardware specs should be fine for 200.

    Some questions:

    1. Are you running any custom modules?
    2. What is your resource usage (CPU/RAM) when the problem occurs?

    If you can't get it sorted, zip up your conf and logs directories and send them in an email to Include a link to this thread.

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    I would suggest having multiple origin servers for your setup. 200 incoming 1Mbps streams is probably too many for a single server. Also, for tuning, I would try the following GC settings as suggested in the tuning guide:

    -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:NewSize=512m
    Latest version of Java 7 seems to perform best.

    Also, take a look at the suggestions here for increasing the incoming UDP receiver buffer size:

    As far as hardware, we suggest the most recent SandyBridge processors.

    Another technique that people are using is to run more than one instance of Wowza Server on the same machine. There seem to be some peformance limits to running a single instance on a server. To this you can duplicate the WowzaMediaServer folder and edit bin/ to point the following variables to the second location:

    Also, edit conf/VHost.xml and conf/Server.xml and either make sure the two instances bind to different IP addresses (dual home the machine) or use different ports for each instance. It is probably best to dual home the machine.

    Also, be sure you are licensed properly. If using monthly or daily licensing than you are all set. You will be billed properly. For perpetual license you will need to purchase a license for each instance.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you Randall and Charlie for your great support.

    It was solved following your instructions and help, as well to dividing the channels on multiple wowza instances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie View Post
    Another technique that people are using is to run more than one instance of Wowza Server on the same machine. There seem to be some peformance limits to running a single instance on a server.

    Hi, Charlie!

    What performance limits do you mean?

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    It's a Java limitation of about 5gbs throughput. So if you have a 10gbs nic you will only be able to saturate about half of it with one instance of Wowza. With 2 instance (2 licenses required) you can saturate the full 10gbs.


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