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Thread: Multiple cameras - can we direct the action?

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    Default Multiple cameras - can we direct the action?

    We have two (or more) IP camera streams ingested by Wowza during a live event. Rather than letting our visitors watch all cameras at once (and significantly stress our servers) we would like to direct the action.

    By direct, I mean have a simple/elegant way to switch our output stream between multiple input streams. For example, if our Flash player were connected to we could on-the-fly switch that connection (via the server) to be the origin stream,, etc. No player disconnects.... completely seemless to the viewer and beyond their control. Just like multi-camera coverage of a sports event on TV.

    Is this possible? Simple, complicated, custom add-on module, etc.?

    I believe we could use a product like Wirecast as an in-between "Director" and re-encoder but we'd prefer to keep the path from camera to Wowza direct, non-stop.

    Any help or suggestions appreciated.


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    This can be done a few ways,
    This is done via a playlist that allows an admin to change the client's stream from Cam1 to Cam2.


    Have a custom module written to your specification and requirements,
    email and ask for the independent consultants list.


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