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Thread: LiveStreamRecord problem

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    Default LiveStreamRecord problem

    I've read through the LiveStreamRecord docs and searched the forum archives for clues on why this might be happening, but haven't been able to find the answer yet,

    This is Wowza 3.0.4 running on Centos 5.7. The error message I'm seeing is:
    Missing function: DVRSetStreamInfo
    when I click "Record". My first thought was that the necessary jar file might be missing. But looking in the lib dir I see:
    [root@stream3 WowzaMediaServer]# ls lib
    bcprov-ext-jdk15-146.jar wms-drm.jar wms-mediareader-smil.jar wms-server.jar
    commons-lang-2.6.jar wms-dvr.jar wms-mediawriter-flv.jar wms-stream-file.jar
    jid3lib-0.5.4.jar wms-httpstreamer-cupertinostreaming.jar wms-mediawriter-h264.jar wms-stream-live.jar
    log4j-1.2.16.jar wms-httpstreamer-sanjosestreaming.jar wms-plugin-bwcheck.jar wms-stream-publish.jar
    wms-amazonutil.jar wms-httpstreamer-smoothstreaming.jar wms-plugin-integrationrecord.jar wms-stream-record.jar
    wms-ant.jar wms-jlayer.jar wms-plugin-livestreamrecord.jar wms-stream-rtp.jar
    wms-bootstrap.jar wms-mediareader-flv.jar wms-plugin-security-encryption.jar wms-stream-shoutcast.jar
    wms-commons-modeler.jar wms-mediareader-h264.jar wms-plugin-security.jar wms-transcoder.jar
    wms-core.jar wms-mediareader-mp3.jar wms-plugin-textchat.jar wms-transport-security.jar

    so it looks to me like the needed jar files are present. All of those files are owned by root (Wowza runs as root) and have the same permissions (775). At this point I'm at a bit of a loss as to why this error occurs. I get this error when I use the "record" button in FMLE, but when I use the client program in file:///home/dan/Downloads/LiveStreamRecord_3.0/clientFlash/livestreamrecord.html and use that "Record" button, the record happens just fine. My client's end users will be using FMLE; any suggestions as to what needs to be changed in the setup to enable the use of the "record" button in FMLE?

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    The record button for FMLE isn't compatible with the record that Wowza uses.


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    Wowza Media Server does not support the same nDVR method used by FMS. So the button in FMLE is not going to work. Only what is documented in the LiveStreamRecord AddOn package documentation.


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