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Thread: streammanager automation/live repeater questions

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    Default streammanager automation/live repeater questions

    We are using streammanager to repeat streams from akamai to iOS. The problem comes in when we are not having a live event and we have all these repeaters going they are generating a TON of error logs (we use our logs to confirm credit for lawyers watching training sessions so it really slows down our log parser having all these monster sized logs). is this ok/normal? It's just a pain to have to go in everyday before an event and turn on all the repeaters that you need for the day then turn them off when you are done.

    I though i had a solution for this when i found the streamtype live-repeater that automatically starts repeating when you connect to it so if nobody is connected the server doesn't sit there trying to connect to a stream over and over that doesn't exist. The problem is http calls used for streaming to iOS don't start the live-repeater stream...only rtmp calls do.

    I need a quick way to turn on and off large groups of repeaters or a way to make http calls activate the repeaters...anyone know how to accomplish this?

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    Hi drewcifer

    Sorry I don't have a solution for you but I do have a question that I think you might be able to answer.

    I've been unable to use the live repeater to transform an HTTP Flash stream to HLS. This is Flash video delivered over HTTP using the Akamai HD network so there is no RTMP address.


    Any insight you have would be great.


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    I answered your question in your other post:

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