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Thread: VLC Player Issues using RTSP streaming from Wowza

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    Default VLC Player Issues using RTSP streaming from Wowza

    We're using Wowza to record a live stream and store it in mp4 format. We then use VLC player to view the stream via RTSP. We're finding that occasionally on some recordings the recorded file appears fine, in that if it is played directly with VLC player there is no problem, but when played in VLC via wowza using RTSP (e.g. rtsp:// it will play for a few seconds and then the screen changes to continuous flashes of colour (e.g. all black, all red, all green etc). The audio is still there but the video is gone for the whole file apart from the first few seconds. I'm wondering if this is a known issue anyone has found before and what the solution might be. The issue doesn't occur if we use quicktime to play via RTSP, only VLC player and the issue is the same every time the file is played

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    I'm not sure. Try upgrading VLC if there is more recent version. Also test in Flash with Wowza SimpleVideoSteaming player. Also, try to find the common factor(s) in the recordings that playback like this in VLC.

    It's not the issue, I don't think, but I would remove the forward slash after the "mp4:" prefix. I think that can cause problems in some cases.


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