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Thread: Live Webcast on iphone/ipad

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    Default Live Webcast on iphone/ipad

    Hello ,

    I am using wowza for live streaming and i am using adobe flash live encoder and it works well on websites , i am using flow player and jw player but i am not getting how can i do live streaming for iphone and ipad type devices , do i have to use different encoder or different application in wowza , different player on website ?

    I tried to find out the answer on web but i didn't got any success , what i got was streaming of a file or playlist but i want to do live streaming of our event not a single file streaming and i am not getting which player should i use .

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    Configuration and playback for Cupertino streaming to iOS devices with a RTMP encoder (FMLE, Wirecast) is detailed in this tutorial:

    Wirecast has AAC audio included, so unless you have the FMLE Mainconcept AAC plugin it would better to use Wirecast. Be sure to use H.264 Baseline 3 video. VP6 is not supported in iOS.

    Take a look at this JW player guide to HTML5 fallback:

    Otherwise, you can make your own HTML5 page with video tag and m3u8 url from Wowza with the setup above. Like this:

      <title>Cupertino Streaming</title>
    <video controls src="http://[wowza-address]:1935/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8">

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