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Thread: need help in inject cue point

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    Default need help in inject cue point

    Hi friends,

    i used this document to inject cuepoints into live stream. i have got working with LiveVideoStreaming player. i am using wowza server 2. i need to implement this with Strobe media player.

    i did following change in class PlaybackOptimizationMetrics(netStream:NetStream).

    public function PlaybackOptimizationMetrics(netStream:NetStream)
    // Retrieve the metadata from the NetStream
    NetClient(netStream.client).addHandler(NetStreamCodes.ON_CUE_POINT, setCaption);
    function setCaption(value:Object):void


    NetClient(netStream.client).removeHandler(NetStreamCodes.ON_CUE_POINT, setCaption);
    // We assume that the asset metadata has the most accurate value,
    // that's why we overwrite any existing value.

    // audiodatarate and videodatarate are set in kilobits. We need to transform it to bytes.
    averagePlaybackBytesPerSecond = StrobeUtils.kbitsPerSecond2BytesPerSecond(value.audiodatarate + value.videodatarate);
    duration = value.duration;

    its not working. i dont know how to get working in SMP? any idea?


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    I don't know. I can show you how to do it Wowza Flash players or JW Player, but not sure about OSMF framework or Strobe for this.

    I would search Strobe source code to see where they are doing similar and extend that. Somewhere they must be, I suppose, creating an Object and attaching it to the NetStream.client.


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    Thanks richard... i got it.

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