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Thread: Wowza and Mobile on the front end for VOD?

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    Default Wowza and Mobile on the front end for VOD?

    Setup: I have a Wordpress VOD site being managed by the Magic Members plugin. I am using the JWPlayer with mp4 files being pulled from a playlist which streams rtmpe. I have the SecureToken and Hotlink Denial Modules.

    Scenario: I want to let android, iphone, and ipad users access the content. I understand how Wowza can stream to these devices, but what I don't get is how to implement it on the front end of a site so the videos can't just be downloaded by desktop users.

    For example if I simply add hardlinks to the page for mobile users, how will I stop the files from being downloaded?

    What am I missing here?

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    Take a look at this script from Ian for one approach

    There are server-side examples for the different app servers that are essentially the same but are not affected by users turning javascript off.

    It can get complicated, and it's a moving target with new UserAgents all time.


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