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Thread: Any way to reset Streaming

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    Question Any way to reset Streaming

    I am currently using the Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) 3.2 and Wowza for streaming and recording the archive.
    However, there are always some technical failure, and I would like to reset the Streaming (on Wowza Server Side), but not affecting the recording (on FMLE)?

    Any suggestion on how to do it?
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    What technical failure, what happens? Are you recording the live stream in Wowza, or the encoder? FMLE will keep going and going, if it gets disconnected it will start trying to re-connect. There is not a way to reset on the Wowza side.

    You can affect whether the Wowza server-side recording is versioned or appended when the stream re-publishes. The default is version, to change add these two Property settings to the /conf/[app-name]/Application.xml /Streams /Properties container:

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