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Thread: broadcast multiple video files source as one live?

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    Default broadcast multiple video files source as one live?

    hi all, i am very new to wowza server, so i am wonder wowza media server can achieve what i want to do...

    i am trying to find a way to broadcast my recorded videos via HLS live to an iPhone. in my case,
    i have some video files constantly produced from a program (e.g. abc_1.mp4, abc_2.mp4 ...) which will store in the same machine as the wowza media server.
    these files are in the same encoding setting.

    now i want to find a way to play these video file one by one on live,
    so that other client who watching the live stream on iphone would not notice the video is playing one by one.

    the live streaming link should generate dynamically, such as when abc_1.mp4 and abc_2.mp4 is available,
    the live should broadcasting on : http://<serverIp>/hls-live/live/abc
    while the bcd_1.mp4 is avaliable
    the live should broadcasting on : http://<serverIp>/hls-live/live/bcd

    the problem is can wowza scan the specific folder and create a live stream by playing the video files on file system? as the files are generate in runtime.
    if wowza cannot do that, is there any way i can concat these video files, stream via rtsp/rtmp to wowza, then broadcasting on HLS-live?

    any suggestions are welcomed, any tutorials suggested will be very nice.
    and please correct me if i have any misconcept on wowza.


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    Take a look at this scheduler example, it will do just what you require:


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    thanks rrlanham.

    this one looks useful but seems not quite fit what i want...
    scheduler can only define the playlist on the server start and require a restart if smil is modified..

    i would like to know how to get a particular video file (in server folder) in onAppStart method and play the video in live?
    also is that the standard java api, like io can be use in wowza? so i can use it to scan the video files availability on file system...

    Also is there any tutorial about how to create an application/module of publishing a hls live to an iPhone?
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