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Thread: why does play not start for over 30 seconds when using wowzaplaystart on hls streams?

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    Default why does play not start for over 30 seconds when using wowzaplaystart on hls streams?

    I have an hls stream that I'm trying to play using wowzaplaystart and wowzaplayduration. If wowzaplaystart is 0 then the stream starts pretty quickly, if wowzaplaystart is bigger (say 60000) then the stream doesn't start playing for about 20 seconds. This is using 3.0.5. Is it possibly the case that the client doesn't see a MOOV atom? How can I debug this?


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    Hi Dan,

    Does the problem occur with the sample.mp4 according to the instructions here:

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    I'm getting problems with the sample too. I'm getting different behavior on quicktime on two machines. The sample is working find on quicktime 10.0 on OSX 10.6.8. The behavior when I set wowzaplaystart to 240000 on quicktime 10.1 on OSX 10.7.2 is that it takes about 12 seconds to start and I get audio but no image. This is completely repeatable, same network, machines sitting right next to each other. I will PM you the URLs that I am using.

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    Great troubleshooting info. Can you upgrade your Quicktime 10.0 to 10.1 so we can determine if this is an issue with 10.1?

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    I just tried following URL (demo server on EC2) on my OSX machine with latest version of OS and starts in less than a second:

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    Which version of wowza? The one at works here too. I have two AWS machines (one east coast running 3.0.5 and one west coast running 3.0.3) and I get the same issues with both of my machines. The one on the west coast a a custom version of mp4mediainjector, but the one in the east coast doesn't. What next?

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    It is "Wowza Media Server 3 Monthly Edition build1244"


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    We will try to figure out what's different and get back to you.

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    Starting from a fresh 3.0.5 install we got this to work. Thanks.

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    Cool, happy to hear it is working.


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