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Thread: Best Practices while writing a 1-1 voice chat application

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    Default Best Practices while writing a 1-1 voice chat application


    I am planning to write a 1-1 voice chat application. I went through the samples and I think coding it is pretty easy using the NetConnection and NetStream bundles.

    However, I want to figure out various performance tuning measures required and what could be some best practices in terms of server configuration etc. to make this app work seamlessly in a production environment and also scaling the number of users shouldn't be a problem?

    I would also like to know if there is any way to calculate the server configurations best suited to host wowza to do 1-1 voice chat with say 200 such rooms?


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    First, tune the server:

    Step 7 is specific to chat apps.

    For this type app, use StreamType "live-lowlatency"

    1 to 1 chats should scale at least predictably, as compared to few-to-few or many-to-many chat applications, which don't.


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