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Thread: Dynamic OriginURL in liverepeater/edge

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    Default Dynamic OriginURL in liverepeater/edge

    I will have several origin servers each with multiple live streams. I will also have a pool of edge servers which I want to be able to service any origin server, as required.

    So instead of setting the OriginURL statically in the Application.xml, I need to be able to dynamically assign the OriginURL on edge servers, on a per stream basis.

    I already use a custom streamalias module with Icecast streams for a similar purpose - the server-choosing logic is at my own application level. Is it possible to adapt streamalias to assign a dynamic OriginURL to liverepeater streams?

    If not, how can I achieve the same effect?

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    The originURL is a convenience that allows you to use the same simple stream name on the edge as is being published on the origin it is pulling, but under the hood Wowza is putting it all together like this:

    Using the streamName alias addon, or IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2, or .stream files instead, you will want to use the whole rtmp url + stream name, which can reference any origin server. So just ignore originURL, don't use it.

    So an edge stream alias file might have rules pointing to any number of different origin server streams:
    stream1 = rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/liveorigin/myStream
    stream2 = rtmp://[another-wowza-address]:1935/liveorigin/myStream
    In the above examples both origin streams are named myStream, but clients will subscribe to them from the edge as "stream1" and "stream2"


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    ok great. thanks for the fast reply.

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    Will this work if the MediaCache add-on is running on the edge?

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