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    A couple years ago I got some help here in tuning the performance of a shared mouse cursor and drawing tools. Unfortunately, I have lost those settings through the upgrades. What is happening now is that when I move the mouse on my local machine (flash mouse that is) the mouse cursor and thus, any drawing I do with my shared whiteboard is really laggy. I have a dedicated server for Wowza so it should handle quite a bit of volume. Can someone make a recommendation on some settings in VHost.xml to change? I believe it had to do with IdleFrequency and one other one.


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    The other setting is to half the IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency in conf/VHost.xml.


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    Thanks guys I changed client idle freq to 25 or 50 and it is much smoother.

    I also need to make the timeout longer. Here is the issue. I have a presentation system where the presenter and the audience members are connected to a shared object. Often, the presenter will take for 15-20 minutes without changing slides. When he goes to change slides, the socket seems to have been dropped. How can I changes it to ensure that both the presenter and the audience stays connected for an hour?

    Or even better, can I set some timer (in javascript?) that pings the socket every 10 minutes or so to keep it live? Is that the Client/ClientTimeout parameter?

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    A RTMP connection doesn't time out from user in-activity, so if the connection is lost there must have been some network problem.


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