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Thread: Wowza Server Stop running after several hours

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    Default Wowza Server Stop running after several hours


    I am using a trial license. All my testing are good ;-)

    But i've got a annoying problem, the wowza server stop automaticaly after a time of inactivity.

    Is it normal?

    For exemple last friday i started the serveur at 1pm to do some tests until 3pm. then another live test at 9pm but the wowza server was off.

    Any ideas?

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    No this is not normal. Can you provide any other info to help narrow down the problem? Any error messages in the logs? You can describe your setup in detail here in this thread by following these instructions:

    Perhaps you are starting Wowza via the command line from an SSH session? Then when you close/timeout the SSH session, the Wowza process will stop.

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    you were right!

    I use SSH session to navigate into my server. Is there any way to still using ssh session ton manage the server without an automatically stop or which are my others possibilities?

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    Yes, you would run Wowza as a service. See the User Guide section "Starting and Stopping the Server".

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    great, it works!

    Thanks a lot

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