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Thread: ImediaCasterNotify2 onStreamStop not implemented. What can I do?

  1. Default ImediaCasterNotify2 onStreamStop not implemented. What can I do?

    I'm using my own classes to set up a repeater for a stream from an FMIS origin.

    I'm using MediaCasterStreamMap.acquire() to create a MediaCasterStreamItem to connect up to my origin stream, and that's working as expected. I need my class to be notified if the streaming begin played from the origin stops, but it seems that onStreamStop() is not implemented on IMediaCasterNOtify2.

    How can I be notified when the stream stops on the origin?

    Also, how can I prevent the LiveMediaStreamReceiver from automatically reconnecting? I see methods to set timeout, but I don't see anything to simply shutdown the MediaCasterStreamItem if the connection is lost. If the connection is broken, I want to do my own processing and then manually reconnect using a new MediaCasterStreamItem.


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    You should be able to tell if it is reconnecting by looking at onConnectStart. This is called when a connection/reconnection start. To stop reconnecting then you need to release the object you aqcuired. You will see a release method as part of the same API.


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    Thanks Charlie.

    I tried that previously, and it causes a NullPointerException to be thrown by the LiveMediaStreamReceiver.reconnector . Are there any potential problems there (leaks, etc)? I have hundreds of these edge instances running, and each can encounter multiple origin reconnects during the lifetime of the application instance.

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    What code did you in event method. It is most likely your code that is throwing the nullptr exception.


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    According to the event log, the nullpointerexception is coming from LiveMediaReceiver.reconnector

    But, looking at my code I realize I'm calling MediaCasterStreamMap.release(MediaCasterStreamItem), rather than calling release directly on the MediaCasterStreamItem. Perhaps that's the cause of the nullpointerexception. Will noodle with it and let you know if the exception persists.

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