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Thread: Redirect rtmp streaming port under NAT

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    Question Redirect rtmp streaming port under NAT

    Hello, my server is located in local network. All network has only one external IP address.
    I made remapping ports on network router for wowza server (internal server's local ports to external from outside access) 80-> 20080 8086 -> 28086 1935 -> 21935
    All features via http protocol work correctly but rtmp streaming don't work.
    In JW player code I use such settings:
    image: "",
    provider: "rtmp",
    streamer: "rtmp://"

    Should it work correctly?

    Can I remap ports for streaming? Or should I use only 1935 external port for accessing players to stream?

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    This is how to add ports to Wowza:


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    thank you for answer, I need this info too
    I found the problem in router.

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