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Thread: (cdn) (hls) relative session links

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    Default (cdn) (hls) relative session links

    we are publishing a HLS stream from Wowza to our Cisco CDN.

    the HLS streams works fine.

    when we map the stream to a CDN delivery service, when the playlist.m3u8 file is pulled from the CDN, the original URL to the stream is still present in the playlist file, viz http://a.b.c.d/live/

    can the session link be made relative instead of persistent?

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    I don't reallly understand the question. What do you mean by relative vs persistant. Can you please explain in more detail.

    BTW, Wowza Media Server does not contain features to act as an HTTP origin. This is a feature we may add in the future but at this time it is difficult to use Wowza Media Server as an HTTP origin.


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    You can set this Property to "true":


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    thank you, richard.

    this has fixed the issue we were having.

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    andrewkhoo, what are you using to push HLS to your CDN ?

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