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    Hi everyone,

    I have a question... I have configured a Windows 2008 Failover cluster and I want to know if there is a way to configure Wowza as a generic application of this cluster or something like that (with a script that makes Wowza be a service with High Avaiability in this cluster). If it's possible, how do I have to proceed?

    Many thanks

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    There is probably a way. Questions regarding your particular cluster/failover system is probably beyond the scope of the Wowza forums. If you have any Wowza specific questions feel free to ask.

    One issue you should be aware of is licensing. If you have two servers both connected to the Internet with the same Wowza key, it will trigger a license violation. You can either get two separate Wowza licenses, or you could not have Wowza running on the second server until the moment the failover process happened. Maybe you could script this somehow. Just FYI, I think there is a one hour graceperiod provided when switching between servers with the same Wowza license key, for use cases such as testing a failover server.

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